For the Adventure

This is what drives us. We want more people dare to head into the wilds, and be prepared for what lies ahead.

Adventure Medicine was founded in 2014 by the expedition doctor Olivia Kiwanuka. The aim was to give everyone better and safer adventures.

The company now has an international staff of experts within the field of wilderness medicine, providing counsel, education and health care by and for adventurers.

We are proud of our social responsibility. Adventure Medicine strives to contribute to the local societies we work in, and to the environment.

Olivia Kiwanuka: Founder and CEO

Olivia Kiwanuka; M.D, Diploma in Mountain Medicine (DiMM), FAWM, EDTC accredited diving physician. PhD-student within the field of traumatic brain injury.

High in the Himalayas, deep in the Red Sea or with snow up to the waist in the Arctic, Dr. Olivia Kiwanuka feels at home everywhere.

General surgeon at Stockholm South General Hospital, with a background in neurosurgery and orthopedic surgery, her clinical carrier is aimed for trauma. Beyond the safe walls of the hospital, Dr Kiwanuka has worked as an expedition doctor for many expeditions, mountainous and remote. Back home she teaches medical professionals and laymen the vast field of wilderness medicine.

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