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A European portable pressure chamber for the treatment of acute altitude sickness.

44,850 kr

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The course is a unique and exciting opportunity to explore the field of wilderness and expedition medicine. It is designed to be a comprehensive introduction, both theoretically and practically, to the field, and a crucial steppingstone for anyone interested in pursuing a more adventurous career.

13,250 kr

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A comprehensive course to gain fundamental knowledge in wilderness life support. No prior medical knowledge is required. Only in Swedish.

6,900 kr

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WLS e-learning is the course for those who want to learn how to act correctly in the event of an accident and serious illness, whether it is during a short hike or on an extreme expedition. Only in Swedish.

3,850 kr3,999 kr

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Be prepared to act in an emergency. Refresh the skills your gained during WLS. Course only in Swedish.

3,800 kr

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Going High is the book about the healthy and sick body at altitude. The book is an ebook (ePUB3) and is available directly after purchase. Only in Swedish.

299 kr

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This book is about healthcare with limited resources in remote places - what we call Wilderness Medicine. Only in Swedish and Finnish.

299 kr

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Because of its versatility, SAM® Splint is an invaluable and appreciated tool for many

289 kr

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