The beeper goes off

A 25 y/o mountaineer has difficulty breathing and is rapidly loosing consciousness. You ask for an ECG, blood gas and oxygen.

But no-one answers your distressed call. And how come there are rocks falling down the cliff? And where are all your competent colleagues? Suddenly you feel as cold, tired and hungry as if you’ve climbed yourself. You look around and realize,

you are on your own.

Expedition Medicine is the course for you who aim to work as an expedition doctor at high altitude. The course is very intense, with much focus on practical skills. Our goal is that anyone who passes this course will feel safe accepting an assignment as an expedition doctor. We have, simply put, boiled down the best from Advanced Wilderness Life Support and  Diploma in Mountain Medicine to 3 full days based on our experience from expeditions around the globe.


The course is accredited by Wilderness Medical Society and up to 14.5 credits can be used towards your FAWM, if enrolled.

Only 12 students per year! Secure your place today!

Next course is April 22-24 2020.

Thank you for the best course ever!

Isabella, Alumni 2019

So fun, intense and rewarding!

Johan, Alumni 2018


  • What does it take to be an expedition doctor?
  • Pre-travel planning
  • Trauma and the acutely ill patient in a wilderness setting (MARCH)
  • Altitude and physiology
  • Altitude and patophysioloyg
  • Altitude illness
  • Underlying diseases at altitude
  • Evacutation
  • Hypothermia and frost bite
  • Medical kits
  • Water treatment
  • Law and ethics
  • Group dynamics and leadership

The course consists of lectures, seminars, workshops and moulage training. Altitude related disordes is emphasazed and plan for at least 2 days theoretical studies well in advance.  Examiation is both theoretical ( written test and pre-course assignment) and practical. Certfication only upon passing all.

Price: SEK 16000
Location: Stockholm
Date: 200422-200424
Time: 08.00-18.00 every day
Included in the fee:

  • Litterature
  • Lunch
  • Expedition Doctor certification and diploma.
  • Upp to 14.5 WMS credits

Expedition Medicine helps bringing life to your dreams