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Since 2014

Our history

Adventure Medicine was founded in 2014 by the expedition doctor Olivia Kiwanuka. The aim was to give everyone better and safer adventures.
The company now has an international staff of experts within the field of wilderness medicine, providing counsel, education, and health care by and for adventurers. 

Our staff has a passion for adventure and the outdoors, always keen to explore the world and share their experience.
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We are proud of our social responsibility. Adventure Medicine strives to contribute to the local societies we work in, and to the environment.

Olivia Kiwanuka, CEO & founder

High in the Himalayas, deep in the Red Sea or with snow up to the waist in the Arctic, Dr. Olivia Kiwanuka feels at home everywhere.

Dr. Olivia Kiwanuka is a general surgeon specializing in wilderness medicine, and holds fellowships in Wilderness Medicine, Diving Medicine, and Mountain Medicine. With her extensive medical experience and knowledge, she serves as the CEO of the company. Dr. Kiwanuka has a wealth of experience from expeditions around the world and has trained hundreds of doctors, nurses, and outdoor enthusiasts in wilderness medicine. 

Super big thank you to all of you. This was undoubtedly the best thing I've done in a really long time. Looking forward to when it's time for repetition. I've grown as a person after this weekend and never wanted it to end. A real life quality booster!
Johan Mårtensson
- Course participant
Adventure Medicine with their very competent and educational instructors have found a perfect concept with their first aid courses. A course that all guides in a risk environment should be interested in!
Dennis Franzén
- Teacher
Oerhört inspirerande föreläsare! Det är sällan det är så här kul att lära sig något nytt! Josefin, Vildmarksmässan
- Vildmarksmässan
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