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Olivia höll en unik föreläsning, man lärde sig livsviktig information som man annars inte annars fått
- Åhörare
Absolutely perfect workshop in risk assessment and expedition planning with Dr. Olivia Kiwanuka! The depth, pace, and discussion were all tailored to meet our needs on our level.
- Alejandro
I just want to thank you for a really good course. Very well planned and very well executed based on the skills and abilities of the group. It is possible that we were lucky, but it can't have just been like that. But really good exercises and really good instructors (and I'm picky you should know). So I'm so glad I had the opportunity to attend this course, really really good. As I said to the instructors when they asked what could be done better? Nothing because this is really good, and I have nothing I see can be improved.
Ulf Bergman
- Course participant

Charter a course

Do you want a course specifically aimed at your needs? We can arrange courses in different environments to better mimic the possible situations that can arise relevant to you. We can adjust the intensity of the course and the technical level. Contact us for more information!
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