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Wilderness medicine is a broad field of medicine that includes all medical decisions made with more than an hour to definite healthcare – which includes a large part of the world. Our courses will teach you how to manage life-threatening conditions as well as common minor ailments. We will make you confident being first on scene and exploring the world in a safer way.
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Learn medical care for extreme environments or situations.
Are you a doctor or nurse who wants to feel comfortable applying your medical knowledge outside the safety of a hospital? Then the expedition medicine course is for you! Fun and challenging days where you will learn to deal with life-threatening situations and common ailments in the field.
Learn how to manage life-threatening situations and common ailments in remote areas.
What do you do if someone is injured? Or is feeling unwell? Do you know how to stop a life-threatening bleeding or take care of a sprained ankle? Let our experts mak eyou confident being first on scene! This is a comprehensive theoretical e-learning course combined with two jam-packed days to get you ready for your next adventure! Our instructors are licensed physicians and nurses with extensive first-hand experience in both outdoor recreation and emergency care in the wilderness. The course is acknowledged by the Mountain Safety Council of Sweden. No prior medical knowledge is required.
Expedition Medicine was a serious course that is absolutely right for anyone interested in working as a doctor in the wilderness and at high altitude!
- Course participant
Thanks to the WLS course, I not only gained new knowledge but also the confidence to act effectively in case of an emergency. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to be better prepared in the outdoors.
- Course participant
Super big thank you to all of you. This was undoubtedly the best thing I've done in a really long time. Looking forward to when it's time for repetition. I've grown as a person after this weekend and never wanted it to end. A real life quality booster!
Johan Mårtensson
- Course participant
Learn how to manage life-threatening situations and common ailments in alpine environments
The course is a unique and exciting opportunity to develop crucial medical skills, combined with basic mountaineering. Set at Europe's largest mainland glacier, this intensive 4-day course focuses on practical skills. It is taught in English by doctors and nurses, accompanied by a UIAA/IFMGA-certified mountain guide.
Gain critical knowledge at your own pace
Why is it important to substitute both water and electrolytes? How often should a wound be reassessed? And what is the best way to stop bleeding? In this course you will learn the basics of how the body works, common problems that can occur when you are out on a hike, and how best to deal with them.
Keep your skills sharp and be ready for anything with our Refresher Wilderness Life Support Course.
Håll din kunskap färsk! Se till att du alltid är redo att agera genom att repetera de livräddande kunskaperna du lärde dig under AOV och Expeditionsmedicin. Se till att re-certifiera dig innan ditt certifikat går ut.
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Do you want a course specifically aimed at your needs? We can arrange courses in different environments to better mimic the possible situations that can arise relevant to you. We can adjust the intensity of the course and the technical level. Contact us for more information!

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Whether you want an inspirational talk or an educational lecture, Adventure Medicine has you covered! Mountain medicine, wilderness first aid and adventure travel are some of our most popular topics.
Going High is the book about the healthy and sick body at altitude. Available as an e-book and in print

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This book is about healthcare with limited resources in remote places - what we call Wilderness Medicine.

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