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The course is a unique and exciting opportunity to develop crucial medical skills, combined with essential mountaineering. Set at Europe's largest mainland glacier, the course is taught in English by licensed physicians and nurses, accompanied by a UIAA/IFMGA-certified mountain guide.

Course information

14950 SEK
2023-08-15 -2023-08-18
Kursen motsvarar fjälledarnormens krav.

Course information

The course is designed to provide the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for the basic management of life-threatening conditions, common ailments, and assessing the need for medical evacuations. The course also introduces mountaineering, familiarizing you with crampoons, rope handling, self-arrest, and much more. We thoroughly review the L-ABCDE concept where all crucial elements are practiced with a maximum of 4 participants per instructor. Through case discussions, we reason about common symptoms such as headache, fever, and stomach ache and when to initiate evacuation. Our expert faculty combine lectures, seminars, practical sessions, and scenario training in a stunning environment.


Successful students receive Adventure Medicine's certification, acknowledged by the Mountain Safety Council of Sweden. The certificate is valid for three years and can be renewed by attending our refresher course


The course fee includes accommodation, full board, all climbing equipment, and course diplomas and certifications.

Expedition Doctor cert

From the Content

Assessment of injured
  • Evacuation decisions
  • Wound management in the field
  • Risk assessment
  • Hypothermia
  • Crampoons and ice axe techniques
  • Altitude illness
  • Self-arrest techniques
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