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Imagine you're hiking and your companion suddenly starts gasping for air, struggling to breathe. Or perhaps you're skiing and witness a serious fall. Maybe you notice a blister that's oozing and inflamed. In these situations, what's your course of action? With our one-day refresher course, you can revisit and reinforce the essential skills learned in AOV and Expedition Medicine. Stay prepared, stay updated, and keep your knowledge fresh.

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3800 SEK
2023-09-23 -2023-09-23

The course equipped me with the tools to act effectively in case of injury or illness in the wilderness. It also provided valuable insights into the challenges one may face when encountering such situations in remote areas.
Course participant
The course provided me, as a leader of outdoor activities throughout the year, with an expanded toolkit and increased confidence in wilderness healthcare. Highly recommended for anyone who spends time in natural settings.
Course participant

Course information

Our refresher course comprises a theoretical e-module and a comprehensive day of practical scenarios and seminars, designed to hone your management skills and decision-making abilities. To qualify for re-certification, you must have successfully completed a course in AOV or Expedition Medicine within the past three years and passed both the theoretical and practical examinations.

If your certification is more than three years old, you'll need to enroll in our standard course. Please note that those holding certifications from other organizations will also need to complete our standard course first.

Each certificate we issue remains valid for three years. Please be aware that as you gain immediate access to the course upon purchase, it is deemed to have started, and therefore, the right of withdrawal is not applicable. For more details, please refer to our terms and conditions here.

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From the Content

Emergency assessment of the injured according to the S-ABCDE principle.
  • Sprains and fractures
  • Manage severe bleeding
  • Head- and neck injuries
  • Wound management in the field
  • Group dynamics
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
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    Do you want a course specifically aimed at your needs? We can arrange courses in different environments to better mimic the possible situations that can arise relevant to you. We can adjust the intensity of the course and the technical level. Contact us for more information!

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