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Emergency Medicine and alpinism: the best of two worlds!

14,950 SEK

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The course is a unique and exciting opportunity to explore the field of wilderness and expedition medicine. It is designed to be a comprehensive introduction, both theoretically and practically, to the field, and a crucial steppingstone for anyone interested in pursuing a more adventurous career.

13,250 SEK

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A course for anyone who wants to gain crucial knowledge of first aid and how to deal with life-threatening conditions and common ailments alike.

6,900 SEK

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Håll din kunskap färsk! Se till att du alltid är redo att agera genom att repetera de livräddande kunskaperna!

3,800 SEK

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Going High is the book about the healthy and sick body at altitude. Available as an e-book and in print

299 kr554 kr

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This book is about healthcare with limited resources in remote places - what we call Wilderness Medicine.

299 SEK

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Free fact sheets for those who want to refresh their knowledge or get an overview of life-threatening conditions that can occur in the backcountry.


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